WWIV5TelnetServer v. – Released

List of Changes:
1) Added Bug Reporting for GitHub Issues
2) Added WWIV Log Viewer, What New and Changes Interface
3) Added Run Local Node on Startup
4) Added Run BinkP on Startup for WWIVnet
5) Added New Icon in Menu for Appearance
6) Added SSH Server for Secured Login to WWIV
7) Added Check for New Version of WWIV Options (On Startup, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

WWIV5TelnetServer Main View
Main View of WWIV5TelnetServer
WWIV5TelnetServer Log Viewer
Log Viewer for WWIV5TelnetServer
WWIV5TelnetSever Preferences View
Preferences for WWIV5TelnetSever

Project Link: https://github.com/wwivbbs/wwiv/tree/master/WWIV5TelnetServer

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